Co-Applicant FAQs

Q: Can I add or remove a co-applicant from my current automotive loan?

A: By refinancing your current auto loan through rateGenius, you will be able to add or remove a co-signer from your existing loan as long as you are a resident of a state allowing the addition or removal of a co-applicant. Our customer service department can tell you if your state allows the addition or removal of a co-applicant.

Q: Can I add my (boyfriend, wife, mother, etc) to my current loan?

A: Yes. We can add anyone over the age of 18 as a joint applicant as long as you reside in a state that allows the addition of a co-applicant.

Q: Can I give you somebody else's information, such as that of a boyfriend, wife, mother, etc.?

A: To protect your privacy, rateGenius cannot take information on a person from anyone other than his or her spouse, parent or someone with power of attorney, regardless of relation.

Q: What if the person can't speak English. Can I give their information to you?

A: If you are acting as a translator for an applicant, you may provide rateGenius with that person's information as long as he or she is with you at the time the application is taken, either by phone or online.

Q: The applicant is in the military and is stationed overseas. Can I give you their information?

A: The person submitting information must be that applicant's spouse or have the person's Military Power of Attorney.

Q: I don't have my co-applicant's information. Can you call them?

A: To protect the co-applicant's privacy, rateGenius does not make unsolicited phone calls to anyone. If you are submitting an application by phone, the customer service representative will give you an application ID. Please have the co-applicant call rateGenius with that ID to continue the application process with them.

Q: Can I refinance a vehicle if I am taking over the payments of a vehicle?

A: Whoever is applying to refinance must be listed on the loan. If your name is not on the loan, you cannot refinance the vehicle. This applies to married couples, as well.

Q: Can I apply to refinance my leased vehicle?

A: If you want to purchase the vehicle (a lease buyout) when the lease is up, we can help you submit an application to buy out the lease.

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